RUNA is a deposit of digital documents and objects related with the life sciences. This repository brings together, organises, maintains and spreads the open access to the scientific production generated by the professionals from the Consellería de Sanidade y del Sergas.

The resources kept in RUNA should meet the following criteria:

  • Had been produced by professionals from the Consellería de Sanidade – and from the Sergas or funded totally or partially by this institution.
  • Belong to the research field or scientific divulgation.
  • To be presented in digital support.

The author or the person holding the authorship rights of the work should allow RUNA a non exclusive licence for distributing it in the repository.

It is not allowed to deposit in the repository contents of work for which the author doesn´t have the legal right to keep in the repository. It is not allowed either to deposit documents in which authors express their religious or politic believes or those documents not related with the communication of scientific or research related contents.

RUNA accepts the material to be presented in any language, although is recommended to use Spanish, English or Gallego.

In RUNA coexist open access digital documents or objects with another documents that because their characteristics should be restricted to the boundaries of the Consellería de Sanidade- Sergas.

The resources kept in RUNA are organised according to the following:

  • Audio-visual: this includes videos, images and audios created by the professionals from the Consellería de Sanidade and Sergas.
  • Administrative documents: this includes administrative documents, such as instructions developed by this institution.
  • Clinical documentation: which includes non-published clinical documents or documents generated by groups or professionals during their work (this includes clinical guidelines, guidelines, protocols, caring protocols, procedures, permissions etc but does not include clinical records).
  • Training and teaching: includes teaching material produced by the professional and covers course didactic material, presentations in clinical sessions, etc...
  • Information for patients: includes materials developed for the non-clinical readers in relation with pathologies, prevention, care, procedures, diets and health related information. These contents are written in an understandable manner for patients but they are rigorous, reliable and up to date.
  • Scientific publications: this includes scientific work developed by the professionals from the Sergas and Consellería de Sanidade, such as journal publications, books, book chapters, presentations, abstracts, doctoral thesis, etc.
  • Publications done by the organisation: includes open access to documents (books, journals, brochures and posters) edited or co-edited by the Consellería de Sanidade, Sergas or their partner organizations.